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"I share the company information with everyone I know who is looking for a home.  When we met Harriet and Stu we were down on our luck.  Harriet made finding a home possible"

Program Basics:  Our program offers renters a way to buy their very own home, even if you do not qualify for bank financing.  Our rents range from about $850-$1,250 per month (depending on size and location of home) and our down payments range from $1,000 to $4,000.  We don't require credit history or a set credit score, but we do require household income of at least 3 times the rent.  If you have a short history at your current job and/or address, we have a "starter program" where you can earn rental history before joining our full program.  You can exercise your purchase option at any time during your lease, which automatically renews for up to 20 years.  If you can qualify for bank financing before then, you can buy us out at any time without penalty.

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Here's how to get started:

Step 1 - learn about our currently available homes.  We usually buy homes that are vacant or in need of repairs, and then we make those repairs before we place homeowner program clients in those homes.  Your home will already be renovated when you move in.

Note: If you can qualify for bank financing, you should go that route and buy a home (not from us) - it will cost you less.

If you don't qualify for bank financing, but you have a steady income and are interested in building equity and owning your own home, you are an excellent candidate for our program!  If you think you will be able to qualify for bank financing in the future, that's great - our program allows prepayments with no penalty at any time - you can start your path to home ownership with us now, and switch to bank financing later.

Step 2 - contact us with any questions you may have.  Check our contact page for our info - you can text, call or email or come by in person.

Step 3 - gather your proof of income so we can determine what homes best match your budget.  Our standard requirement is household gross income (before taxes, insurance or any other deductions are taken out) of three times our rent.  That way when something happens (something always happens with a house!) it won't be a financial crisis for you.  Here is a worksheet if you would like to do the math on your own.

Step 4 - select your home!

Step 5 - we will run a background check for all adults who will be in residence.  We care more about your life today than your long-ago life, but we do need to get to know each other!

Step 6 - signing the papers - see our Program page for lots more details.  Basically, in return for a 'down payment' and first month's rent, you can move in!  If you need to build rental or job history, we can start on a rental (only) basis and graduate to our full program in one year or less.  Welcome Home :)

"Our advice is to go through you guys....Everyone says it is a lot of money each month, but it isn’t - it’s your rent, and your taxes.  You have to pay your gas and electric and water.  We were paying $900 a month for rent, and now we pay $1,000 but it’s better in the long run. And now the kids have their own rooms.  It’s the first time I’ve lived in a house since I was 3."


American Capital RE, LLC

Elmira's rent-to-own specialist.

Why rent when you can buy?  Low down payments, monthly rents for a wide range of budgets.

"The process has been smooth and Harriet has been here the whole way."

Our office is at the corner of Hoffman and Water - look for the striped awning


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