Elmira Home Inspection information

The City of Elmira cares about the safety and livability of rental homes. They have inspections to make sure everyone has a good place to live. Think of the inspector as someone who helps keep landlords accountable and ensures that residents take care of the building.

The inspector checks each rental unit every few years for small buildings and every year for bigger ones. A small building is one with 1 or 2 units, and a bigger one has 3 or more units. If something doesn't pass the inspection, the landlord is given a deadline to fix it. The landlord then reports back to the inspector and schedules a re-inspection to make sure everything is in good shape.

We will always let residents know when an inspection is coming up, usually a couple of weeks beforehand. We encourage tenants to text us at (248) 653-1508 if any repairs are needed instead of waiting for an inspection notice to arrive.

For smaller homes, the inspection covers 19 things to make sure everything is safe and working well:

◊1-Clean, safe and sanitary conditions
◊2-Drinking water that is safe to use
◊3-Working sinks in the kitchen and bathroom
◊4-Windows and doors that open and close properly, with any required screens
◊5-Ceilings and walls without cracks or holes
◊6-Floors without tripping hazards and in good condition
◊7-Showers, bathtubs, and toilets that work
◊8-Any stairways are clear and have handrails
◊9-GFI outlets near water sources
◊10-Bathrooms with a fan or a window that opens
◊11-Properly installion and venting for any washer and/or dryer
◊12-Electrical safety, like covering exposed wires and a good main panel
◊13-Working HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) and hot water heater
◊14-Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for fire safety
◊15-Sprinkler system works (if present)
◊16-Kitchen Stove and fridge in good working condition
◊17-No peeling paint especially on windows, door jams, or friction areas
◊18-Safe exterior stairs and porches including handrails
◊19-Clear and visible house numbers and unit labels for emergencies

Remember, most of these responsibilities are the landlord's, but some are the tenant's. For example, the landlord provides working smoke detectors when the tenant moves in, but the tenant should replace dead batteries or let the landlord know if the smoke detector isn't working even with a new battery.

What if something fails because of damage, like a new hole in the wall, instead of wear-and-tear? In that case, the resident may need to fix the damage or pay for the cost of repairing it.

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