Elmira New Inspection information

The City of Elmira is starting to inspect all 1 and 2 unit rentals as of July 2020 (in the past they have been inspecting 3-unit and larger rentals).  This is a new regulation in the City, passed in part to comply with new New York State law.

Code is scheduling inspections with landlords and hopes to get to all 1 and 2 unit rentals in the next couple of years.  The inspection is designed to help make sure all Elmira residents have safe and habitable housing.  If there are items that do not pass the initial inspection, Code will give the landlord a deadline to remedy the failed items.  Landlords must report back to Code before the deadline, and then Code will schedule a re-inspection to clear the unit or building.

We will let tenants know when Code schedules an inspection (generally 2 weeks or more before the inspection).  We encourage tenants to text us at (248) 653-1508 to let us know of any needed repairs as they arise (instead of waiting for an inspection notice).

As of 2020, the inspection includes 19 items:

◊1-Clean, safe and sanitary
◊2-Potable Water Supply (water is on and drinkable)
◊3-Sinks, Kitchen, bathroom
◊4-Windows/Doors operating & screens
◊5-Ceilings/Walls: Free of cracks breaks and holes
◊6-Floors: Free from tripping hazards & in good condition
◊7-Shower(s), Bathtubs(s), Toilets - in good condition
◊8-Handrail(s) Stairways Clear
◊9-GFI outlets within 6' of water source
◊10-Bathroom: Mechanical or natural ventilation (and exhaust fan or window that opens)
◊11-Washer/Dryer properly installed and venting (if there is a washer and/or dryer)
◊12-Electrical Hazard: Cover plates, exposed wires, main panel
◊13-Mechanical System: HVAC/Hot water heater/venting ("HVAC" is Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
◊14-Smoke, CO2 Detectors - fire alarm system
◊15-Sprinkler System (if present)
◊16-Kitchen Stove/fridge good working condition
◊17-Peeling Paint, windows, door jams, friction areas
◊18-Exterior Stairs, Handrails, porches in safe condition
◊19-911 #'s present (house number and unit label must be clearly visible)

Note that most of these items are landlord responsibilities, and some of these items are tenant responsibilities (replacing batteries in smoke detectors, maintaining tenant-supplied appliances, etc).  If an item fails due to damage (rather than wear-and-tear - example: new hole in wall), it becomes a tenant responsibility and the tenant may be required to fix the damage or charged for the cost to repair the damage.

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