Building Communities

Why do we care about building our communities?

Because we love our local communities and are dedicated to make Elmira and the Southern Tier lively, safe places to live.  We live right here, too!  When people own their homes, the houses are better taken care of and the whole area can thrive.

Because many people who have steady jobs don't qualify for loans from regular banks. 

"We really want to be the proud owners of that house."

Because if you can afford to pay rent in the Southern Tier, you can probably afford to buy a house from us too. We can help be a bridge for responsible renters who aren't quite ready for bank loans to start on the path to owning a home. You can begin your path to home ownership with us and switch to bank financing later when you're able to.

"We were lucky to be able to do some of the work ourselves to personalize our house just like you would when buying."

So, what do we do?  First, we buy houses.  We often say that we buy "scratch and dent" houses.  About two-thirds of the houses we buy are vacant when we buy them.  After we buy the house, we  make it safe and livable. Then we offer folks a lease that  renews for as long as you want it - we put you in the driver's seat.

"We felt comfortable working with you because you are making a positive impact in Elmira."

We match buyers with homes that fit your budget and what you want.  Even after you move in, we're here to offer advice, support, and recommendations if you need them. We live in Chemung County and our office is at the corner of Hoffman and Water streets. You can spot it by the striped awnings - it's the old Eno Vacuum cleaner store. We'd be happy to help you there!

American Capital RE, LLC

Elmira's rent-to-own specialist.

Why rent when you can buy?  Low upfront payments, monthly rents for a wide range of budgets.

"The process has been smooth and Harriet has been here the whole way."

Our office is at the corner of Hoffman and Water - look for the striped awning
We are open M-F 9:30am-5:30pm or by appointment including most Saturdays, come knock on the side door on Hoffman to enter

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