Maintenance Policy

We care about your safety and well-being in your home!

If you need any repairs or maintenance (and you are not responsible for maintenance), here's what you can do:

You can report any repairs by sending a text or calling us at (248) 653-1508. We want to make sure we address your concerns promptly.

For emergency repairs, we will respond on the same day, usually within an hour.

If it's after hours and you have an emergency, you can call (248) 653-1508 and dial "9" to talk to our local maintenance team, and they will come right away. Remember, if you make too many non-emergency calls in a row, our maintenance team might block your number.

Non-emergency items will be addressed within one week or less. Read to the end of this page for all the details!

Some examples of Emergencies:

TL:DR most any electric, gas, water, heat or roof issue is an emergency

Fire - get out and call 911 first. Then yes please call us so we can help you as soon as possible

Gas leak - get out and call 911 first. Then yes please call us so we can help you as soon as possible

Electrical problem of any nature (including repeated trips of circuit breaker)

Any water leak or sewage backup including overflowing toilet.

No hot water or no cold water

No heat (except if it's between May 15 and October 15)

Refrigerator or Range/Oven not working right - where the appliance is the landlord's.  Resident appliances are the responsibility of the resident and can often be repaired by landlord for a fee.

Toilet stopped up. If your toilet starts to run slow, please let us know right away so we can avoid bigger problems.

Not-working exterior door or first floor window

Any bad situation that may result in the loss of life or real property: Fire, Flood, Severe weather.

Protecting a crime scene (may require permission of the Police).

Remember, it's your responsibility to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. If you hear a "chirp," it means the battery needs to be replaced. We want to make sure you stay safe!

Some examples of Non-emergencies:

Please report these right away! Your can text or call (248) 653-1508 or use your Appfolio portal. Just avoid calling "9" in the middle of the night if it's not an emergency!

Dripping faucet, dampness around a drain, anything not working right with plumbing. The sooner we fix this for you the healthier you and your home will be =)

No air conditioning (unless it's during a heat emergency)

New appliance - we are happy to connect your appliances to make sure they are safe! Stove, washer, dryer, air conditioner are all included in this policy

Pests or critters - we want to know if you have any in your home, but please let us know during regular hours. Depending on the situation, we might come to close off access points, schedule a professional pest control assessment, or plan an extra treatment. We'll take care of it!

For non-emergency repairs, we will work with you to find a date that works for both of us to come into your home and fix the issue. Just remember that someone who is at least 18 years old needs to be home when the maintenance team visits. If you're not home, we'll reschedule, but it might take longer than a week to complete the repair. After several attempts, we might need to give you written notice that we'll enter your home to do the repairs.

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